The Wildy

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Server Description

Us here at The Wildy want to provide a high quality OSRS experience with a private server twist. We want players to experience a challenging but rewarding experience playing The Wildy. Instead we provide many options to achieve those goals easily. We are a 100% economy based server but you will have the option to choose between different exp modes. 

Our economy is set up to reward every player despite what game mode they prefer (PvP, PvM, Skilling). There are many markets for you to exploit and succeed here in The Wildy.

Full Barrows

Social Slayer

Quick prayers

Full Pest Control


Custom Minigames


All Skills

Full Bank Tabs with searching

Iron Man Mode

Switchable Exp Modes


OSRS Wilderness Bosses

OSRS Weapons

Correct weapon specials and attacks

Full Clan Chat


100% dwarf cannon

Multiple bosses


Toxic Blow Pipe

Weekly events

Superb combat


Much more....

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