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Introducing Runity

Runity is a semi-custom/OSRS Based server, the reason behind the pivot is we want to follow OSRS Updates to an extent aswell as introduce unique content of our own! 

Our team is full off RSPS Veterans aim to give you the best RSPS Experience, with multi revision loaded, we deliver both Pre-EOC Content aswell as OSRS Content.

Our updates are purely communtiy driven and every single community suggestion has been added! 

Runity has been in development for almost a year and a half and still on-going!


Future of Runity

We offer a range of unseen content!

- Daily Achievements.

- Over 30+ Unique Bosses, with full mechanics, nothing is ever half assed.

- Flawless Combat & More

With Custom Servers and flavor of the month Spawn Servers littering the community, Runity stands true, bringing true OSRS gameplay with a twist as we aim to deliver a custom surreal experience



Runity is finally releasing on the 31st of August! Runity Offers, Full Chambers of Xeric || Raids 2 / TOB || 1,000$ Bloodlust Tournaments! || Multiple clan/boss events! || Dragon slayer 2 & Vorkath! || Mage Arena 2 & Soo much more!! Check out out forums for the relase date information! Forums: Discord: Media can be found in the thread, so you can get a taste of what you/re in for! Glimpse of what/s to come: JOIN THE DISCORD NOW!!

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