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Dear Customer, 

You are about to complete your purchase from Runity which is ran under the company of Runity Limited However, we would like to warn all of our players that if for any reason an attempt of a chargeback occurs from your payment, our affiliate legal team will take action in contacting you personally to gather information related to your transaction. Once you have completed your payment our company receives your personal information in which you agree to allow us to use to contact you via mail, email, phone call, etc. All our payments are ran through PayPal/s & G2A/s security checks, and if for any reason you have the intention to abuse or open fraud claims, you will be prosecuted accordingly. In nearly all cases, individuals who have attempted to open these fraud cases have been punished via in-game afterwards and all attempts to carry out the process have failed, and have also lost their funds. Please click accept to continue our terms and continue with your transaction. A verified receipt will be sent to Paypal to confirm that you have agreed to everything listed. | Runity Limited | Registered business 

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