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Server Description

LegendRS, Legends don/t give up!

A 718 The Best Experience you will ever have!

Some of the Server Features

○ Fully Working PvP

○ 28 Bosses

○ Dice System

○ All skills working!

○ Custom Clue scrolls

○ Unique PVM

○ Pet Security

○ Custom Events

○ Double XP weekends

○ Play to Win!

○ Ironman and Economy

○ Diffrent gamemodes with diffrent XP rates

And Lots more..

Always working to improve the server and give the people what they want untill perfection!

Discord https://discord.gg/FxEeX6q

Website https://kultnetwork1.wixsite.com/mysite

Play now https://kultnetwork1.wixsite.com/mysite

(IN BETA STAGES! This is not the final release i need people to find bugs and to suggest things)

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