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2000+ Custom Items (Weapons, Armour, & Items included)     Custom Bosses (Obtain custom items by defeating bosses around the world)      Minigames; Castle wars, Barrows, Etc. Fully active Castle Wars with all the pvping minigame experience.     100+ Players Online 24/7     Custom Quests; A Dreamers Passion, Etc.       Rewarding Achievements Each achievement gains points that would be used in the Achievement Point Shop.  Staff List/Trusted List (Automatically Updating)

24/7 Active Support      Weekly Updates; Lists of 20+ Features Alway new and improved content, items, patches, and more. Suggestions are always viewed for further improvements from community aswell.     IPB4 forums; Very active, with a shoutbox!

20+ RANKS to make your own account unique.     All useful bank tabs, with drag and create bank tab fully working.     4 Donator Zones       Set your Yell Tag/Yell Color/Yell Shade

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